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The performance of listed companies drifting LED industry gradually better?

2017-4-18 10:24:12

LED business trends gradually, how to break the city of intelligent Internet era, how do you see? Another year Milan exhibition, lighting design trends? ... ... we will be one by one for the You read.

24 LED companies in the first quarter of 2017 performance notice: several happy several worry?

View: listed companies performance gains, LED industry gradually to the good?

河南福彩网 But also to the company to disclose the results of a quarter of the time. According to incomplete statistics, LED industry has 24 GEM companies have disclosed the first quarter of 2017 performance notice. Listed companies from the disclosure of performance notice, 19 enterprises preying, nearly Bacheng enterprises in the net profit to achieve varying degrees of growth.

河南福彩网 Industry after two years of adjustment, the gradual concentration of resources, and eliminated the pre-entry speculators, LED industry gradually return to normalization. With the LED enterprises in the process of mergers and acquisitions continue to adjust and upgrade the product, coupled with the sharp decline in the number of enterprises, homogeneous competition has also been a certain degree of ease, chip and packaging areas and even once the price rise.

From the overall market point of view, LED market gradually stabilized, perhaps the next question is the quality of the product. With the gradual development of various municipal replacement projects, LED product quality problems have gradually been taken seriously, and exports of foreign products is frequently recalled, the quality has become China's LED enterprise of the War.

河南福彩网 Guangdong Consumer Council issued sampling results: LED lights only four percent qualified

View: LED lighting products why the quality of the problem?

Recently, the Guangdong Provincial Council of Foshan City Council on the LED series of small ball bulbs, downlights, ceiling lamps, lamps four categories of goods were 40 samples to carry out comparative tests. This is the detection of the "structure" "anti-electric shock protection" "Blu-ray hazards" and other 31 safety performance indicators. The results show that 40 samples meet the standard requirements of only 17, 23 samples do not meet the standard requirements, the rate of 42.5%. In terms of pass rate, the result is really sad.

In fact, LED lighting products dispatch operations frequently, but the results are frequently unsatisfactory, and showing "multi-batch", "high probability" and other characteristics, and even some brand products "frequency black list", lighting product quality It is difficult to convince people. LED lighting products why the quality of the problem? In Xiaobian view, on the one hand is the lack of industry standards, and there is no mandatory testing and certification requirements; the other is a large number of enterprises into the LED industry, uneven technology, part of the production Product quality problems are inevitable.

We all know that quality decisions can hold the market. Because of this, enterprises should be strict product quality, quality products to win consumer trust!

Nearly 7,000 lights to achieve a single lamp control Nanjing city lighting intelligent into a new stage

Viewpoint: the advent of urban intelligence interconnection era

Society in the development and progress of the future city will carry more and more people, the construction of intelligent city has become the world's urban development irreversible historical trend. "People gathered in the city to live and stay in the city in order to live a better life." The philosopher Aristotle summed up the meaning of the existence of the city, in recent years, many cities will be smart city construction as The theme of urban development, its intention is also in this.

In our vision of the future, street lights on both sides of the street can monitor the air temperature and humidity notice of air quality, can also be detected in the crime or illegal parking automatically adjust the light, more clear and accurate monitoring camera, and even can scan the road And sidewalks, to the automatic driving vehicles to provide standardized scene information, auxiliary vehicle sensors, together to improve traffic safety. Recently, 7000 lights to achieve a single lamp control, Nanjing city lighting intelligent into a new stage. But also shows that urban managers for urban services, public safety, environmental protection, including a variety of needs to make intelligent response, in order to achieve the city management and service automation and intelligence, the first step.

河南福彩网 From the first day of the birth of the city, it is not the most comfortable life of human form. However, the intelligent lighting system is affecting the construction of the city, carrying an innovative future, we are also full of innovative vitality and beauty livable city goal.

河南福彩网 Milan exhibition of light and shadow of the world

Point of view: from the Milan show lighting design trends

河南福彩网 This week the lighting industry friends circle is estimated to have been the frequency of the Milan show. Lighting creative design, you can see the lighting not only in light quality, in the overall design also entered a new stage.

The exhibition of lighting design can be described as a hundred flowers blossom, a hundred schools of thought contend, in addition to the emergence of a lot of bold ideas, but also through clever design, make light more interesting, more energy efficient, and more humane and intelligent.

Milan show as one of the pilgrimage to the designer, most of the exhibits reflect the design of beauty from Needless to say, but at the same time, there are some too grand and lack of practical design.


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